You will learn how to assemble your own DHANG KIT and connect it to music and video softwares. Learn how to play it and create awesome sounds. In addition, you will take your fully functional DHANG back home to keep practising and exploring the endless possibilities of the instrument.

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explore your creativity!

Ergonomics that connects with your inner self


Designed to introduce you to the world of Digital Percussion, the DHANG is a new, simple to use, digital music instrument that connects directly to your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) system.


Due to its MIDI capabilities, Musicians as well as Visual Performance Artists, VJs and Djs, are able to explore new ways of Audio Visual creations.

Based on the geometry of an acoustic HandPan, the DHANG is designed to encourage you to explore “Cyclical Percussion”.


Due to the circular distribution of its nine pads on a smooth continuous solid surface,  you will be challenged to listen and explore the cyclical rhythm of your own inner self.

We kept it simple and easy for everyone

to enjoy - and afford!


The DHANG comes with a USB cable and the necessary guides, so you can quickly start explore your own new creations.

Smoothest touch

The super thin pads on the continuous curved surface let you activate your sounds or visual in a poetic way. Just introduce any part of your hand, and smoothly slide it on the pads to explore the sound and visuals of your hand movements.


Make your own music. Build your own atmosphere.  Live your special life with DHANG moments.

On the go

Lightweight and portable the DHANG comes with a stylish carry bag, so you can play your DHANG everywhere and live your special and unic DHANG-moment with your friends, family, colleagues and random people.


Bring the DHANG everywhere and protect it!

Technical details



USB cable

Carry bag

Quick start guide

First Steps in DHANG music



Width: 510 mm

Depth: 510 mm

Height: 130 mm